ONElab Family

Our Innovation Your Satisfaction!!

ONElab believes that our employees are not only assets but important partners of the company. It is expected that we treat each other like a family and listen to every voice while establishing an open space in which it is easy to exchange ideas and interact with each other. Common consensus and identification would therefore be achieved under a relaxed and carefree atmosphere of communication. It is believed that ONElab’s progress is built upon the personal development of ONElab’s people who will never stop to grow by being provided all kinds of trainings.
Listening & Respect Respect starts from listening-Suggestion Box is set inside the office for company to regularly follow the opinions of ONElab’s people and to provide one-on-one conversation sessions with CEO to ensure every employee’s voice is heard.
Exchange & Interaction Moving the rigid partition walls away and replacing them by coffee tables, we have made significant efforts in building the office into a colorful lab. Why not walking into the British style phone booth and calling Dr. Who for help if you have coding problems, or visiting the chiropractic therapist if you are suffering pains on shoulders; or gathering a group of people to practice body combat together at our gym if you lack exercise.
Benefits & Care
Flexible working hours are scheduled to allow employees to avoid traffic jams at rush hours.
The offers of holiday and leave that are superior to those regulated by related workforce laws or regulations are provided for employees to rest and relax and have quality time.
Employees are entitled to 12 days annual leave. One more day is added for each year after the first year of employment.
Employees could enjoy a day off on the day of their birthday.
Employees are entitled to a half-day off on the day of physical examination.
Paid sick leave of 12 days is offered annually.
Multiple allowances are offered to support employees’ basic life requirements.
Wedding Allowance.
Childbirth Allowance.
Birthday Vouchers/gifts.
Allowance for hospitalization and bereavement.
Comprehensive insurance and healthcare services are provided.
Labor insurance, health insurance, and retirement insurance are provided in accordance with related regulations.
Group insurance is stipulated to improve employees’ benefit on accident medical insurance.
Annual physical examination is scheduled.
Chiropractic therapy and massage services are provided.
A variety of leisure activities are planned for employees to participate in while better understanding enterprise culture.
Birthday Parties are held regularly.
Domestic and overseas group travels are arranged.
The year end dinner is held every year.
Growth & Progress We would like to provide every ONElab’s people with a comprehensive system of advanced learning in which industrial know-how trainings or language courses for the skills they require are available for them to persistently grow in an obstacle-free environment.